Weekly Roundup: Favorite Posts of the Week 3/19/18

Weekly Roundup 3-19-18

Each week I will be posting a weekly roundup of the blog articles that I found the most interesting throughout the week. They could be about Personal Finance or some other topic that I think would be of interest to others.

I Enjoy My Job, But Not Working РRoute To Retire

Who should read it?

Anyone who knows the feeling of having too much to do in the day. Work takes up a lot of our time.

Why I enjoyed it.

This post really resonated with me. In truth, I do love enjoy my job. I work with great people and solve complex problems. It challenges me and helps me grow as a person. It is because of these challenges that I enjoy everything the job offers.

I don’t, however, enjoy working. As Jim puts it, Monday through Friday 8-5, there are too many other things I want to do in life… and working tends to get in the way. This couldn’t ring more true to me. Work takes a lot of time. It takes me away from the things that I love to do.

Even though I enjoy my job, financial independence is still the goal!

3 Money Mistakes – Money Sense

Who should read it?


Why I enjoyed it.

This article really struck home with me. It’s immensely important for us all to realize that we all make mistakes. Looking back we can always question why we made a decision. However, all we can do moving forward is learning from them. Putting your mistakes out there for others to learn from is not only hard to do but the ultimate form of giving back.

New Saving Target Recommendations – Budgets Are Sexy

Who should read it?

This article is for anyone who is contemplating early retirement. Or anyone who thinks they might not be on track.

Why I enjoyed it.

I feel like this article is really a hat tip to the whole financial community out there. It’s a reminder that just because someone is doing great now, doesn’t mean that they always have been. We all need that reassurance sometimes, especially in times of self-doubt. Remember, you can do this!


How Can You Accomplish Anything Without Setting Goals – Mr Jamie Griffin

Who should read it?

This article will be good not only for anyone just starting out on their financial journey but also people along the path. Setting goals are important to keep moving forward.

Why I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the part of this article where Jamie talks about long term goals. Financial goals aren’t accomplished overnight. A concerted effort is needed over the long-term to hit those goals. Remember your goals should scare you!


Earn More Money – GetRichSlowly

Who should read it?

This will be a good read for everyone. It is always a good reminder that your income can be just as important as saving.

Why I enjoyed it.

Again, this article I thoroughly enjoyed. I think it was great to look at personal finance from another point of view. We hear so much about frugality and spending less. There is, however, another way that is just as powerful. You control your income. One particular quote from the article that hit this home for me was “If you want to earn more, you must be worth more.”


If you liked this week’s edition of the weekly roundup, make sure you check out past weeks! There’s lots of great articles out there.


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